A nuclear attack in Hawaii: a Human error that could destroy humanity : the World : Vladim

News 14 January, 2018

In the USA there was a scandal because of a false alarm in Hawaii. Region “almost struck” nuclear missile.


Today Hawaii nearly turned into a cemetery. The us state could collapse ballistic missile and buried everything living on the Islands. Some time later it turned out that it was a lie. The population of the region received on their mobile device alerts about traveling to Hawaii of a nuclear warhead, so they must quickly find a good hiding and save their lives. The report noted that this is not a drill The mistake is discovered only after forty minutes.


As it turned out in fact, this statement is an error of the emergency Services. Specialist pressed the wrong key on the computer, with the result that a false message was sent to residents of Hawaii, as well as on television and radio. Soon the local Governor David Aydzh apologized for the incident, noting that at present the experts are doing everything possible to update the alert mechanism, so that in the future this does not happen again. Commented on the incident, the journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev. In his opinion, erroneous message about ballistic missile in Hawaii could lead to irreparable consequences, specifically to nuclear war. As expressed by the correspondent on his page in the social network Instagram, such errors should not be in the future in order to avoid the outbreak of a new world fighting.


Speaking of nuclear weapons of the United States. The Americans intend to ease sanctions on the use of ballistic missiles. Washington will design a warhead for the Trident missiles. According to local military, nuclear doctrine, the Pentagon envisages a modified version of combat arms for submarines to deter Russia from using tactical missiles in the probable conflict in Eastern Europe. About the new doctrine of the United States while no large information, it is assumed that the material manifests after the address of President Donald trump to the members of the European Union at the end of the first month of this year.


It is not excluded that such events will simply sink into oblivion. China has already built an underground bunker that will help to hide more than one million people in the event of nuclear war. To hide it can only generals and army of China. The refuge is located in the karst caves at a depth of about 2 km. There is a lot of water which will suffice for the sustenance of one million persons, besides, it is possible to build even a small town.