A nurse allegedly fondled the breast of a patient

News 17 March, 2018
  • Photo Martin Alarie
    Oussaid Saidoun has denied everything of the actions alleged against him by the College of nurses this week during hearings of the disciplinary Board.

    Hugo Duchaine

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 01:00

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 01:00

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    A nurse from Montreal, is accused of having fondled the breast of a patient, then as he replaced the bandage around his chest.

    “He put my hand into my pajamas, took my left breast and it was handled. He said: “that, and I hope you do [your breasts] don’t big, because they are perfect” ” testified the woman, whose identity is protected, in front of the disciplinary Council of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ).

    The college complains that Oussaid Saidoun to have been a derogatory act of a sexual nature in June 2016 as a nurse at the Montreal heart Institute.

    It is denied that the actions alleged against him. But if he is found guilty by the disciplinary Board, it is exposed to a radiation of five years.


    The patient in the forties was often hospitalized at the Institute because of his heart health is precarious. On several occasions, Oussaid Saidoun would have complimented him, telling him in the corridor that she was beautiful, but it had never been his nurse practitioner.

    In June 2016, she spoke of having first crossed the nurse at the beginning of his work shift evening. She was accompanied by her husband, when he said, ” that he thought precisely to it “. This evening, she was hospitalized because of a wound under her left breast, was badly closed at the result of a transaction.

    When her family left the room, the nurse would have returned the compliment. He then flattered her elbow, her thigh and her belly, before touching her breast.

    “I had pain in the heart,” said the patient.


    The nurse would then decided to change his dressing. The patient, who wore a pyjama that boutonnait to the front, said is to be found topless in front of the nurse. The latter would then have said : “Finally, I see. “

    The patient is said to be unable to denounce him on the field, she wondered what she might have done to elicit such a reaction in the nurse. She exchanged text messages with a friend nurse to tell him what she had experienced, but she has lost the messages by changing the phone since the incident.

    Already the victim of inappropriate touching when she was a child, the woman argued that she was promised she would only let himself do the same thing.

    “Someone told me has resurfaced and I haven’t done anything “, she confided before bursting into tears.

    The patient confided that she had lived to a doctor the next day. Finding his version to be credible, the institution has later met with the nurse, giving him the choice between resigning or being fired. He left his job. The institution then filed a complaint to the College.

    Oussaid Saidoun, however, has offered a version of events quite different to the discipline Council. He said that if he praised the patient, it is because she came to him she was big and he wanted to cheer him up.

    He stated that he raised the breast of the patient to change his bandage, but not to have it fondled as she alleged. If he said ” you have a beautiful view “, it was because he looked at the wound, he assured.

    Then, he was said to have dabbled in the belly of the woman, because she complained of pain. He testified he then have given Tylenol for his pain, but he forgot to include this drug in its folder.

    He regretted not having had the opportunity to defend themselves or give their version of the facts to his / her institution.

    “I lost my strength […] I stayed quiet “, he said.

    The lawyer of the syndicates assistant to the OIIQ, Marie-Eve Giguère has pleaded that the patient was offered a “testimony full of sincerity,” and that it was normal to be confused some of the details.

    But the lawyer of Mr. Saidoun, Rachel Payer, has raised the “[false] perceptions, exaggerations and contradictions ” of the patient.

    The disciplinary Board will decide on the guilt of the nurse within three months.