A parcel hateful to the islamic cultural Centre of Quebec

News 19 July, 2017
  • Catherine Bouchard

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 07:56

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 08:17

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    The islamic cultural Centre of Quebec has received a parcel with hate messages, Friday, two days before the referendum for the cemetery islamic in Saint-Apollinaire.

    “A person in charge of the centre was open and found the contents in relation to religious beliefs,” says David Poitras, a spokesman for the police Department of the City of Quebec (SPVQ).

    According to Radio-Canada, the package was delivered by Canada Post and it contained a koran. The name of Allah, written in Arabic, was scratched with an “X” engraved in the cover page. The whole was accompanied with a note insulting the muslim community with reference to pigs. There was a photo of a barn where we see beasts floundering in the mud.

    The package has been brought into a police station and a report has been made. “Immediately, an investigation started. The same evening, investigators visited the islamic cultural center and met with the heads,” says Mr. Poitras.

    Units of the booster have also been put to contribution to enhance security around the centre.

    No arrest has taken place to date. “For the moment, the investigation is still ongoing and investigators are in constant communication with the leaders of the mosque. The objective is to identify the person or persons that delivered the package and validate the impact a criminal or not this folder”, concludes the spokesperson.