A parliamentary correspondent for CTV is suspended following a complaint for sexual misconduct

News 27 January, 2018
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    Paul Bliss

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    Saturday, 27 January, 2018 00:44

    Saturday, 27 January, 2018 00:44

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    TORONTO – CTV News has suspended its parliamentary correspondent at Queen’s Park, Paul Bliss, in the wake of a complaint for sexual misconduct against her on the internet by a former employee of the tv network.

    The denunciation was made on a blog by Bridget Brown, who is now in business, but who has worked in the television sector in the past.

    Without mentioning the name of Paul Bliss, Ms. Brown argues that the objectionable conduct occurred in 2006 in the satellite office (outside of the main facilities of the broadcaster) is a journalist when she came to visit the place with him.

    Ms. Brown had met with the journalist of experience at a private party a few weeks before the alleged events and was then hired on the team of a pioneering program of CTV. She says in her blog that she had gone to the office of the journalist, at his invitation. She regarded him as a good contact, as his career in media was just beginning and wanted to maintain this contact.

    According to what she said on her blog, in his office, the man “started to kiss me”. “I was confused, she wrote. This was not quite what I was expecting. […] I really didn’t want to kiss him […]. And then he began to push on the top of my head.”

    “I do not make you suck in your office”, would have then told the woman, adding that he has pulled out his penis and he ejaculated in front of her on the carpet of the office.

    She says he brought her to the door afterwards.

    Bell Media, the parent company of CTV, has responded to these allegations by saying that she takes very seriously and that Paul Bliss has been suspended for the time of a survey on the question, can we read on the website of CTV News.

    Bridget Brown has explained that she has decided to make this public event after seeing on television the reporter, this week, talk in the air of the allegations of sexual misconduct at the place of the leader of the conservatives in ontario, Patrick Brown (who has resigned in the wake of the revelations to his place after he tried to exculpate himself).