A pharmacist has prescribed medication

News 13 February, 2018
  • Photo Chantal Poirier
    Vital Mauriello testified yesterday before the disciplinary Board of the College of pharmacy, where he was said to have committed errors of judgment.

    Hugo Duchaine

    Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 01:00

    Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 01:00

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    A pharmacist who “automédicamentait” has acknowledged being prescribed illegally hundreds of drugs for seven years. It may now be a write-off of a year and a $ 15,000 fine.

    “I was not aware of the gravity of the gestures that I was asking,” has confessed to Vital Mauriello, who was also of false orders for his family and friends.

    He testified yesterday before the disciplinary Board of the College of pharmacists. He pleaded guilty not only to have made false orders and claims illegal, but have also hampered the work of the syndicates deputy who was investigating him.

    Digging into the dish

    “Mr. Mauriello is automédicamentait,” argued the lawyer of the syndicates assistant, Catherine Pariseault. She added that the investigation had shown that the pharmacist had done over 200 orders in three pharmacies in Montreal by using the names of six doctors, seven years ago.

    It is prescribed to him and his family of anti-anxiety medications, antibiotics, or drugs to stop smoking, for example.

    The lawyer also stated that “thousands of dollars” had then been claimed as to third party payors or plans, private insurance or the RAMQ to reimburse a portion of these false orders.

    “Acts very serious […] at the core of the profession” according to Me Pariseault, even if the professional was not a drug addict or that he was not of these false claims to increase the profits of the trade.

    The pharmacist has changed the dosage of a narcotic that had been prescribed for him a doctor, because he felt that it wasn’t for him, which is also forbidden.

    He didn’t know

    The syndicates assistant, Josée Morin, has also deplored the fact that the pharmacist has seemed to trivialize and minimize his acts during their first meeting.

    She has reported to the Board that Mr. Mauriello had told him to ignore that what he was doing was forbidden, and then be defended by saying ” that he was not the one to do it and that it was frequent in practice “.

    Ms. Morin also explained that during their meeting, the pharmacist “has denied repeatedly” to have committed the alleged offences and that it is only in front of the false orders that he finally admitted to his wrongs.

    For its part, Vital Mauriello told the Council “errors of judgement” which he regretted today ” bitterly “.

    “The pharmacy is my life,” said the man, who has been practicing since 1982.

    Moreover, to avoid the risk of recidivism when it will be able to practice again the pharmacy, he explained that he moved his medical file in another pharmacy where it does not work. Thus, it will not be able to prescribe medications for himself and he’ll have to go see a pharmacist.

    The penalty proposed in the Council, a year of radiation, and a $ 15,000 fine, was described as “a very harsh, almost too harsh” by the lawyer for Mr. Mauriello, Jocelyn Dubé.

    The disciplinary Board took the case under advisement and shall render its decision within three months.