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News 17 July, 2017
  • Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    Philippe Orfali

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 22:07

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 22:07

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    This is the Rolls Royce of the air, the plane supposed to ensure the recovery of Bombardier. For a customer-a billionaire and assembled in the good party in Quebec, the Global 7000 took a crucial step Monday. Four of these business jets are in final assembly, and delivery would start within a year.

    After multiplied delays, the program’s Global 7000 Bombardier seems to be finally on the right track, thanks in part to a loan of 372,5 million $ granted by Ottawa, in February last.

    The aircraft passed, on Monday, the stage of 500 hours of flight testing, and the production rate is accelerating gradually, so that the first customers could receive their new car to $ 72.8 million in a little over a year.

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    Despite many months of delays, the 7000 is one of the promising products of Bombardier and one of the ” most important for the recovery plan of the company.”


    Crucial to the recovery

    These signals are encouraging for Bombardier, since the program is “one of the most important for the success of the turnaround plan of the company” and to ensure that it remains a leading player in the category of business aircraft. The big boss of Bombardier, Alain Bellemare, hope that the business aircraft division generates revenue of US $ 10 billion by 2020.

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    It is in Dorval, at the Centre of excellence for Bombardier located on boulevard des Sources, that are tested all the process of installation of the interior elements of the aircraft, on a test bench which simulates the fuselage of the aircraft.


    It is also excellent news for Quebec, since a good part of the plane is built in the province, although the assembly “final” is done in Toronto, as is the case for other aircraft Overall.

    “Everything that affect our clients inside of the plane is made right here in Quebec,” says Mark Masluch, director of communications for Bombardier business Aircraft.

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    The control cabin of the Global 7000 contains all controls and instruments used by the pilot. In the photo, employees work to install the harness and the electrical wiring necessary for the operation of the device.


    “All the skilled labor that attends to the interior of the aircraft is here in Montreal. The design and engineering, everything that is related to the selection and procurement, furniture manufacturing, painting, the manufacture of the cockpit and the forward fuselage, mounting systems and components… All this is done here, lists there.

    In addition, it is at the Mirabel plant of the French company Stelia, a supplier of Bombardier, which is made of the assembly of the main fuselage, which forms the longest part of the plane.

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    In the facilities of the 200, boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, Dorval, a specialist polishes the surfaces of the wing of the plane, freshly painted, just prior to his delivery. Several hundred workers will be hired in the coming months, while the rate of production of the Global 7000 is expected to accelerate.



    The order book for the 7000 is already full, an encouraging sign.

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    An employee of Bombardier business Aircraft brings the final touches to the exterior paint of a Global aircraft. “All the final adjustments are performed by hand in Dorval “, explains the spokesperson of the company.


    The acceleration of production and the demand for the 7000 also mean that Bombardier business Aircraft will be hundreds of new hires over the next year. Frames, cabinet makers, finishing specialists, engineers and designers must be recruited. Nearly 2000 professionals already at work in the one or the other of the facilities at montreal-based Bombardier business Aircraft.

    For rich clients

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda (in the company of Peter Likoray, vice-president of Bombardier business Aircraft, at right) will be one of the first customers of 7000.


    Kitchen with an espresso machine, luxury living room with HD tv and high speed internet, dining room spacious enough for six people : the Global 7000 aircraft, Bombardier offers the greatest comfort to those who are willing to pay the price.

    “This may be business men, entrepreneurs, foreign governments. One usually speaks of billionaires, people who have a lot of success who need a work tool that allows them to be productive all the time, ” says Mark Masluch, the director of communications for Bombardier business Aircraft.

    Photo courtesy BOMBARDIER

    The cabin account, a toilet, a shower, and a kitchen large enough to prepare all the meals for a day, areas of work and rest, as well as a lounge.


    Lauda has confirmed

    The aircraft is designed as a place of work — and fun — in-the-air.

    Its price ? $ 72.8 million US.

    Bombardier does not disclose the list of buyers confirmed. But one of the first buyers of the Global 7000, the delivery of which should begin “in the second half of 2018” is the ex-Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda, a long-time customer of Bombardier, which confirmed its purchase two years ago already. Bombardier has since accumulated several months of delay.

    “The cabin is spacious and the four separate zones provide more comfort, especially for longer trips. With its autonomy and speed, I can easily fly from Vienna to São Paulo, and all the stops of the Formula 1 circuit, quickly and efficiently, ” explained then Mr. Lauda.

    • Official price : $ 72.8 million US
    • Entry into service : 2nd half of 2018
    • Capacity : up to 19 passengers
    • Maximum flight duration : 13 h a 15 h
    • Range : 7300 nautical miles (13,520-km) is enough to link Geneva to Honolulu, and London to Singapore.