A poacher suspected devoured by lions in South Africa

News 12 February, 2018
  • AFP


    Monday, 12 February, 2018 04:38

    Monday, 12 February, 2018 04:38

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    JOHANNESBURG | lions have devoured last week in a game reserve in the north-east of South Africa, a man whom local police suspect to be a poacher.

    The head and the remains of freshly eaten of the victim were discovered Saturday in a private game reserve Hoedspruit, near the famous national park Krüger, said Monday to AFP a spokesman of the forces of law and order.

    “It would seem that this guy was trying to poach when he was attacked and killed by a group of lions. They have devoured almost entirely, they have left only his head and a few pieces of flesh,” said Moatshe Ngoepe.

    A loaded gun was discovered near the body of the man.

    Last year, a number of lions have been found dead, poisoned, their limbs and head cut off, probably used for the needs of the traditional medicine.

    The rhinoceros, of which 80 % of the world population lives in South Africa, are the main victims of local poaching.

    More than a thousand of them were killed last year, according to statistics of the south african authorities, victims of international trade, illegal, of their horns, highly prized in Asia for their virtues supposedly therapeutic.