A police officer in Sherbrooke shoots a man in crisis: the EIB has opened an investigation

News 20 August, 2017
  • Mathieu Dugas / VAT New

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 17:33

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 17:59

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    SHERBROOKE | An independent investigation has been opened regarding an intervention by the police Department of the City of Sherbrooke, during which a civilian was wounded by a police officer who used his service firearm.

    According to the Bureau of independent investigations (EIB), which has been commissioned to investigate the case, the event occurred on the territory of Sherbrooke to 15 h, when a man in crisis would be dark on police officers armed with a knife.

    The EIB announces support for an independent investigation in Sherbrooke. A press release will be issued later.

    — EIB Québec (@BEIQc) August 19, 2017

    “At around 14: 45 p.m. a call is made to the police Department of the City of Sherbrooke for a man who would be in crisis within his home, said the EIB in a statement late Saturday afternoon. Two policemen come on the scene. The police arrived, the man would be out of his home armed with a knife. The man would then be dark on the police with his knife in hand. A police officer allegedly used his service weapon. The man would have been injured and taken to hospital, where one does not fear for his life.”

    The injured man is 32-years-old, said the EIB whose investigation will determine if the information he has received and communicated to the media are accurate.

    Seven investigators from the EIB, have been charged with investigating this event.

    7 investigators were charged with investigating the event that occurred in Sherbrooke. PDT 19: 00.https://t. co/gMXDsUs9bI

    — EIB Québec (@BEIQc) August 19, 2017

    The EIB survey, “at the request of the minister of public Safety, in all cases where a person other than a police officer in service, dies or sustains a serious injury or is injured by a firearm used by a police officer during a police intervention or during detention by a police force,” one can read on the website of the organization.