A police officer should go to prison for four years

News 27 January, 2018
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    The police officer, Éric Deslauriers, guilty of manslaughter, was surrounded by many loved ones and colleagues on Friday, at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

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    Friday, 26 January, 2018 19:24

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    Even if it is described as a policeman “righteous exemplary” and that he ” never wanted to remove a life “, a sergeant in the Sûreté du Québec guilty of the manslaughter of a teenager will likely need to resolve to spend four years in prison.

    The last hope of the police officer, Éric Deslauriers would be that the Court of appeal reverses the verdict of guilt made by the judge Joëlle Roy last September.

    If this does not occur, the sergeant, 46-year-old could spend the next four years behind bars, in addition to definitely lose his job.

    This is the minimum sentence in a case of manslaughter involving a firearm. This type of crime may, however, be liable to life imprisonment.


    In January 2014, the police officer of the Sûreté du Québec has located a stolen car in the yard of the polyvalente de Sainte-Adèle.

    Sergeant Deslauriers has attempted to prevent the driver, David Huyghes Lacour, to leave the premises, but he did rumble for the engine of the self, fear the police for her safety.

    He has made a fire in the direction of the teen, 17-year-old twice, causing his death.

    On Friday, lawyers from the Crown and defence have jointly suggested to the judge Roy to stick to the minimum sentence.

    “No sentence of detention, so long as it is, does not bring [the victim]. But the minimum penalty is reasonable in the circumstances “, has called Me Audrey Mercier-Turgeon, of the Crown.

    Dedicated to his craft

    The defense read to the Court extracts of several letters from relatives and colleagues of sergeant Deslauriers, praising his work and dedication (see below).

    Two newspaper articles have also been filed as exhibits to highlight that the police officer with 21 years of experience has saved the lives of two persons in the course of his duties. He jumped into a river to save a suicidal man, and entered a burning house in order to root out a occupying.

    “I was always a policeman to help people and save lives. I’ve never wanted to remove a life that day. I wanted to protect my own life, ” testified Eric Deslauriers on Friday.

    The judge will decide whether or not to accept the suggestion common, the 1st of march.

    On Thursday, the lawyer for Eric Deslauriers had asked the magistrate to withdraw from the folder, before making the award.

    Me Nadine Touma pleaded an “appearance of bias” because of controversial comments required by the magistrate before his appointment.

    “It’s been I don’t know how many people are murdered by police,” said Joëlle Roy in 2012.

    The judge denied that request Friday.

    What they said

    “Eric Deslauriers […] is one of integrity and uprightness exemplary, respectful of the guidelines, procedures, and authority. He is always ready to render service to those in need. I have always trained Eric to a TOP COP. “

    – Garry Moore, supervisor of Deslauriers

    “It has always been dedicated in his work. It has always been qualified as a police officer who has it in the blood. […] There has been a lot of trouble of having had to act as he did, because despite the fact that one is aware that it can happen in our job, nobody wants to have to use his firearm. “

    – Julie Lessard, joint Deslauriers and police

    “Eric has spent half of his life to the protection of society by his courageous actions as a firefighter, but especially as a police officer. “

    – Denis Deslauriers, father of the accused and police officer retired