A product sold as a complement to the training that was seized by Health Canada

News 15 July, 2017
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    Saturday, 15 July, 2017 05:11

    Saturday, 15 July, 2017 05:11

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    OTTAWA – Health Canada has announced, on Friday, you have entered an unauthorized health product sold as a complement to the training in a trade of Laval.

    The product “Fluffy Unicorn” was entered in Shop Health Laval, on boulevard Saint-Martin.

    According to laboratory analysis conducted by Health Canada, the product contains synephrine, which is not declared and a concentration of caffeine greater than that indicated on the label, two substances that, if taken together, can pose serious health risks.

    “The combination of synephrine and caffeine may result in various side effects such as dizziness, tremor, headache, and arrhythmia, and even seizures, psychosis, heart attacks and strokes”, according to Health Canada.

    Consumers who have purchased or used the product should consult a health care professional.