A proud man to produce cannabis pure wool

News 22 December, 2017
  • Photo Marie-Christine Noel
    The president of Agri-Médic ASP Stéphane Papineau (left) wants to go from four to 70 employees by July 2018.

    Annabelle Blais and
    Marie-Christine Noël

    Friday, 22 December 2017 21:53

    Friday, 22 December 2017 21:53

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    A small producer of cannabis in Laval newly approved by Health Canada wants to develop products that are “good for us,” a differentiation from other provinces.

    Agri-Médic ASP has just received its establishment license from Health Canada, as Green Cannabis, located in Saint-Lucien, near Drummondville. The number of pot growers in Quebec has doubled, from two to four.

    One account, however, much fewer producers than Ontario, where there are already 45 producers. The province peinera to meet the demand at the time of the legalization, in July, believe several producers.

    “I find it disappointing that, as of 1 July, 80 % of the products sold here will come from other provinces, launches Stéphane Papineau, president of Agri-Médic ASP. It is important to develop in us. “

    To be eligible for this permit, the road has been long. The owner of a local hydroponic store, the father of five children embarked on the adventure in 2013. His son has since joined the company.

    Big investment

    He bought a local, found two qualified employees, purchasing equipment, and completed hundreds of documents for Health Canada.

    By his own admission, Mr. Papineau has invested nearly a million and a half.

    “I have housing, mortgages, store. My last resource was the legacy of my grandfather. [It] is necessary to have a good back, you need to believe. “

    In the last few months, Health Canada has expedited its authorization process. In Quebec, three months, three new businesses have obtained their license.

    In addition to Agri-Médic ASP there are Hydropothecary in Gatineau, Aurora, Pointe-Claire, and Green Cannabis.

    This last was bought by the giant canadian Canopy Growth, in the last year.

    The company now has seven plantations across Canada, which makes it the largest producer of cannabis in the country in terms of area.

    “The planting of Saint-Lucien of 7000 square feet will be a craft production on a smaller scale,” said Adam Greenblatt, manager of the brand Canopy Growth in Quebec.


    Canopy Growth was also announced this week a partnership with The Greenhouses Bertrand, Mirabel. The producer of tomatoes Stéphane Bertrand is still waiting for his permit.

    “It is possible that, in the first months after legalization, Quebec must supply from other provinces, but it is thought to be rapidly in a position to supply the market,” says Mr. Greenblatt.

    For Agri-Médic ASP, no question of selling to Canopy Growth. “We want to expand ourselves and work hard to have our licence to sell “, concludes Mr. Papineau.