A quebec magazine on the cinema closes its doors

News 23 March, 2018
  • Antoine Lacroix

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 01:00

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 01:00

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    One of the few French-language magazines to treat of cinema in Quebec, closed its doors and its management toronto has not deigned to speak in French to its employees.

    In an internal note of six sentences, of which The Newspaper has obtained a copy, Cineplex, the largest film distributor in the province has justified its decision in the language of Shakespeare by saying that he was ” no longer financially prudent to publish the magazine francophone “, without giving further details.

    The note prepared by the editor Marni Weisz has been sent in English only to the 50 employees of Cineplex Media, but was intended mainly to francophone employees. It is at this time that they learned that they were losing their job.

    In the internal note, we also ask the sales representatives to contact employees of Toronto on contracts for the ads that were already signed up for the editions of the Magazine Cineplex that will never see the day, but will continue to publish the English version.

    Stars attristées

    “I am saddened. Every vehicle possible to communicate the films from quebec and the quebec culture is necessary. It does not fight so not on equal terms with the big american productions that we need tools like this, ” argued Louis Morissette.

    Photo Martin Alarie

    Louis Morissette, actor and producer

    According to the artist, the distribution of the magazine directly in the cinemas of the province meant that it reached directly to the target audience.

    “It’s sad, it really is a shame,” responded his side Mariloup Wolfe, actress and director.

    According to our sources, it is difficult to understand this advertisement, then the advertising revenues were at the rendez-vous for the Magazine Cineplex. Our sources believe simply that the quebec market is not a priority for Toronto.

    200 000 copies

    Having learned the new English adds insult to injury.

    “This is a big f… you in Quebec “, so we are told.

    The number march-April is therefore the last publication francophone. The monthly magazine was published since 2002 and was previously known under the name of Famous Québec. It is the most important magazine on cinema in Quebec, which is printed in 200,000 copies per month and has about 400 000 readers.

    Contacted yesterday evening, it was impossible to converse with Cineplex Media.