A Quebec stuck to the Virgin Islands

News 6 September, 2017
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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017 08:39

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    The inhabitants of the Virgin islands are preparing for the arrival of Irma, while the hurricane is heading right towards them.

    “We just have to wait and hope that it is not that bad,” summary Alexandra de Moor, a quebec student who has taken refuge in the mountains to face the storm.

    “The house where it is located is to the east, directly where the hurricane is going to hit, but with the current, it is supposed to be worse on the other side,” explained Mrs Moor on the show “Quebec Morning”.

    For the time being, the young woman completely ignores what is happening outside of the walls of the house where it is. “You can’t really see outside because all of our windows are barricaded, so it is in total darkness until further notice.”

    In total, six people have taken refuge in the small residence with a floor that “looks like an apartment”. And the night has been short for them. “We haven’t really managed to sleep because it is super stressful, we can hear the rain outside, the wind, the electricity does not stop to leave and come back”. No way to know exactly when the monster will strike, but all the signs indicate that it is near.

    In spite of everything, the student is confident to have done what it takes to be prepared for any eventuality. “It has really bought all the necessary to be the most security possible,” she says.

    In normal time, Alexandra De Moor lives in a student residence. To deal with Irma, the management wanted to relocate all the tenants temporarily to a building specific. But the young woman preferred to target areas of high altitude. “I decided not to stay there because I had the chance to go to one of my friends in the mountains. But otherwise, all the students stay in the residences.”

    During a hurricane, “you can feel as if the house was currently breathing with us,” said this student, who expects an “intense experience”.

    Wednesday morning, Irma had already struck the islands of Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin, doing significant damage, according to AFP. The eye of this hurricane of unprecedented intensity on the Atlantic coast is about 50 kilometers in diameter.