A real “crack” at the head of the “social club” of pedophiles

News 12 February, 2018
  • Michael Nguyen

    Monday, 12 February 2018 21:40

    Monday, 12 February 2018 21:40

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    The dismantling of a “social club” of pedophiles revealed that the leader would have created its own e-mail system secure where the members shared their experiences of child abuse, a-t-we learned on Monday.

    “The police have been able to identify some of the victims […], they will explain what happened when they were children,” said prosecutor Cynthia Gyenizse to the opening of the trial of André Faivre at the palais de justice of Montreal.

    André Faivre, accused

    Faivre, a Montreal 69-year-old, is regarded as the leader of an active network of pedophiles across the province.

    He is facing a series of accusations of child pornography, but also sexual contact of minors.

    The police investigation, named ” Project Malaise “, began when a police officer discovered a discussion forum in which members were discussing pedophilia, has explained to Me Gyenizse in her opening statement of the trial.

    And pushing their investigation, police reportedly discovered that one name came up regularly : Andre Faivre.


    The police were then instructed an undercover agent to join the group and get closer to the mastermind. The operation, in 2015, would have been a success since Faivre would have quickly invited the agent in a café in the gay Village of Montreal, which he called his ” headquarters “.

    “From this moment on, there were 15 scenarios of infiltration, several of which have been registered,” explained the prosecutor.

    The agent would have discovered that Faivre was a true “crack” in it and that it had created its own secure system of e-mail, which the server was stored in his home.

    To collect the evidence against the group, the police officers were then able to enter surreptitiously in Faivre, make copies of the hardware and put it into listening to the apartment. The investigators are then left without the suspect knowing of anything.

    Real facts

    It is by analysing this material that the police would have found out that the group would not be limited to consult of online child pornography.

    “The various writings suggested that the various suspects telling real-life situations “, explained the prosecutor.

    In February 2016, the police proceeded to the arrest of 16 people, with, head, Faivre. His statement of 13 hours will be presented during this trial to last more than a month.