“A real lady”: Chinese “swallowed” cotton candy for three seconds : In the World : Vladim

News 15 March, 2018

The Chinese have broken all records of national TV show in the contest for eating dessert. The girl devoured the cotton candy for a few moments, while her action was called “elegant”.


Guest Chinese satellite channel Zhejiang has surprised many spectators. Member of the national Academy of Sciences of the TV show Ki (An Qi) managed in the contest for speed eating dessert to set a new record. The girl just rolled up cotton candy and within seconds he stuffed her fingers in her mouth. The opponent began to bite off pieces of the dessert, which led him to defeat. The audience was shocked that the girl was able to do it all without a single emotion, they expressed their delight and called the Chinese “an elegant woman”. Many were surprised by how the girl pretended that nothing happened, right after, quickly stuffed cotton candy in her mouth.


Eating dessert for everyone to see brought to the Chinese, almost worldwide fame.