A record for Nik Lewis, a defeat for the Alouettes

Sport 26 August, 2017

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The receiver Nik Lewis, who avoids the plated Taylor Loffler, has caught seven passes in the course of the meeting.

Nik Lewis of the Alouettes became the leader of the history of the canadian League for caught, but the feat occurred in a reverse side of 34-31 in the clan in montreal in the face of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Thursday.


Its 1030e reception has allowed him to exceed Geroy Simon for the total of receptions in the CFL.


The Alouettes have given a better fight in their last match, but they still lost in overtime at stade Percival-Molson.


Justin Medlock has broken the heart of supporters of the Larks (3-6) with an investment of 38 yards in overtime and the Bombers (7-2) held the coup, after having squandered two advances 10 points.


One-quarter of Montreal’s Darian Durant has experienced a meeting in the teeth of a saw. He has successfully completed 31 of his 43 passes for gains in air for 316 yards. He threw three touchdowns, but he was also the victim of two interceptions and he has committed a turnover on a breakaway.


George Johnson, Ernest Jackson, and B. J. Cunningham have scored a hit while the kicker Boris Bede has successfully completed two placements of 19 yards and one from 48 yards.


Among the visitors, the quarterback Matt Nichols has not been much more effective. He completed 26 of his 38 attempts for 227 yards. He has thrown three touchdowns and an interception.


Clarence Denmark has managed two major and Julian Feoli-Gudino has added one for the Blue Bombers. Medlock was perfect in four attempts from placement.


The Alouettes will play their next game next Thursday against the Red and Black of Ottawa, to Montreal.


Nice effort, but in vain


The attack of the Blue Bomber quickly set the tone in the first quarter, while the Alouettes took time to put on.


Nichols has orchestrated two sequences that led to 10 points in his troop, including three on the placement of a 46-yard Medlock and seven on a touchdown of six yards of Denmark.


During this time, the first two sequences the attack of the Larks were concluded by a reversal. During offered a gift to Chris Randle by sending one of its passes directly into the hands of his rival. One-quarter of Montreal was not the end of his troubles, because he then dropped a ball that was recovered by Maurice Leggett.


The troupe of Jacques Chapdelaine has, however, opened the valves before the end of the first quarter and finally scored three points early in the second quarter.


Bede has crowned a thrust of 15 games, 70 yards, and a duration of 6:32 by sending the ball between the posts for an investment of 19 yards. They were the first points scored by the attack of the Alouettes in 101 minutes and 29 seconds.


The local team has not stopped there in the second quarter. Transported by the brilliance of his defense, which recovered a dropped and intercepted a pass from Nichols, the attack of the Alouettes tied it in the last minute of the first half, when Johnson caught a touchdown from 31 yards.


After the return of the half-time, the Alouettes have missed their attempt at a game rigged on a third trial, and the Blue Bombers have had three games to enjoy it. Nichols first joined Darvin Adams for a game of 44 yards, and he then launched a pass three yards to Feoli-Gudino, who has crossed the end zone.


Bede has once again reduced the gap through a placement of 19 yards, but Medlock has returned the favour on distances of 11 and 47 yards in the fourth quarter, which brought the advance of the Blue Bombers to 23-13.


Jackson has given hope to supporters by combining its efforts with those of Over to a major of 38-yards and with only nine seconds to play, Bede has just successfully completed a placement of 48 yards to force the holding of an extension.


In the first extra period, Denmark and Cunningham have managed a hit. During the second extension, During saw his pass to be intercepted a second time by Randle, before Medlock to give the victory to his own.