A record number of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana in the United States : In the World : Vladim

News 8 February, 2018

According to the latest survey conducted among residents of the United States, a record number of Americans agree with the legalization of marijuana in the country. About 59% of respondents were in favour of free sale and use of cannabis and only 32% were opposed.


A recent sociological study conducted among the US population, showed that the adoption of a law on the legalization of cannabis acts as a record number of Americans – 59%. In 2015 a similar survey among the population showed that only 51% of the population are ready to take that step in 2014 – 50%, in 2013 – 46%. In 2010, the rate of supporters of the legalization was only 26%.

According to one of the study participants, these changes in social consciousness can be associated with the resolution of marijuana in other States and the absence of negative consequences associated with it. Now the use of cannabis is a punishable offense in 29 of the 50 States and in 9 States Smoking marijuana is permitted for medical reasons.