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News 14 July, 2017
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    Laurence Haguenauer. Consul general of France

    Valerie Bidégaré

    Friday, 14 July 2017 22:53

    Friday, 14 July 2017 22:53

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    Already ” very rich “, the relationship between Quebec and France may “take advantage” of the new government in place at our cousins and its president, Emmanuel Macron, according to the Consul general of France in Quebec, Laurence Haguenauer, which anticipates many of the economic exchanges, political, academic and cultural, in particular.

    Time ” of sharing, of solidarity and of unity “, the national holiday of the French Republic is ” very important “, according to the Consul general of France in Quebec as it is an opportunity to “thank” the French partners and quebecers of all backgrounds to the work done.

    “Co-operation “

    In this chapter, Ms. Haguenauer emphasizes “cooperation and exchange” that occurred between France and Quebec on the political, economic, cultural, and academic in the last year, referring to the visit of several ministers of the government Couillard, in the last month, and the prime minister, in October.

    “The whole sphere is covered. We had a very busy year and next year will be rich in cooperation and in political activities because with a new government, a new assembly, we will have many exchanges, ” says Ms. Haguenauer, which has welcomed more than 300 partners from france and quebec, yesterday, at the Museum of civilization of Quebec, at a reception around the national day of France.

    “Renaissance “

    There is no doubt for Ms. Haguenauer that the arrival of the new president, Emmanuel Macron, will also benefit in Québec, and to enrich the relationships already established as the “renaissance” of the Quebec section of the Chamber of commerce and industry French in Canada, among other things, on the economic plan.

    The presence of the French, in fact just as much, according to those who would like to see more young people of Quebec opt for France, especially for their studies. “The work that one wants to make on mobility is in a way that […] that there are more and more young people from Quebec who come to France. We are working to establish double-degrees, ” confirms Ms. Haguenauer, who slipped a word on the attacks of the Nice and the great mosque of Quebec, during the reception, yesterday, ending with an homage to Simone Veil.