A rent in exchange of sex

News 12 February, 2018
  • Francis Pilon

    Monday, 12 February, 2018 01:00

    Monday, 12 February, 2018 01:00

    Look at this article

    Of internet users in Montreal and Quebec city offer to young men a rent-to-price benefit in exchange for sexual favors on the web sites of small ads.

    “Looking for a roommate gay to share a beautiful condo in the South-West near a metro. Large 3 and a half on the ground floor in a triplex. One large bedroom and space for two beds. To help each other and to break the boredom “, describes an ad without a photo, found on the website Kijiji.

    In less than 30 minutes, it was possible for the 24 Hours to identify 10 ads of any kind on Kijiji and Craiglist.

    For this report, we have made a pass to Thomas, a student of 24 years in literature.

    When we asked to see pictures relating to the offer described above, pictures of the apartment and genitalia, we have been transferred.

    “Excuse me if they [the photographs] are a little naughty,” retorted the advertiser in an e-mail message we are being sent in private.

    At the first reading of these ads, it is not always clear that it provides sexual favors.

    In most cases, the advertisers are men of an advanced age who are looking for roommates who have the profile of a young homosexual man.

    Price ” negotiable “

    We then talked about the financial problems of Thomas with the same man as the one quoted above.

    “Concern yourself not for the amount of the rent. It is negotiable “, announced to us the one who provides housing in the district of Saint-Henri in Montreal.

    We have also responded to an ad where you’re looking for a ” roommate gay near Laval University “. When we asked for the amount of the rent, which was not displayed, a man we actually offered to come to him to receive a “oil massage on a mat massager” and then discuss the amount to be paid.

    Conversely, men who are looking for a place where to stay also offer their body. When we contacted him, a sound engineer of Quebec sent us a long message descriptive of his person, with photos attached of a naked man and an erect penis.

    “I really have a beautiful ass and beautiful little buttocks are curved as you can see by looking at my photos, hoping that my physique will know how to please you and charm [sic],” wrote, without shame this man.

    This practice has recently made headlines in France and in Vancouver. Unlike the cities of Montreal and Quebec, it was men who offered rents at ridiculous prices to young women in exchange for favors.

    Sex first

    Among the dozens of people we approached, the three men we were bluntly offered to have sex with them before you discuss the price to pay to live at their side.

    Of this number, two advertisers, we have sent pictures of their sex and of their bodies bare.

    In all cases, when we have revealed our true identity and the nature of this article to our correspondents, all the advertisers have stopped responding to our questions.

    Some have removed or modified their offers.

    Reactions Kijiji

    Kent Sikstrom, responsible for relations with the community Kijiji, confirms that the policies of the site do not tolerate ads inappropriate nature or about sexual services.

    “If we see a member of our community or our algorithms, we report an announcement related to sexual services in the real Estate section for example, we will definitely investigate and possibly remove it since we do not want this kind of publications on the website of Kijiji,” says Mr. Sikstrom.

    It invites users to report directly to the offers that they consider offensive.

    Examples of ads

    Screen Capture, Kijiji

    “Great 3 and a half on the ground floor in a triplex. One large bedroom and space for two beds. To help each other and to break the boredom. “–Ad for a room to rent on Gumtree

    Photo courtesy

    This man has sent several graphic photos to try to convince our journalist that he was the “roommate” ideal.

    “I am a mature male with the nice physics and I am looking for a room to rent in a private house or an apartment of which the principal occupant (the landlord) is also gay. […] I love to practice nudism inside. […] the principal occupant must be really thin and without belly and he must be hairless or very little hair. “–Ad for a room wanted on Gumtree

    Screen Capture, Kijiji

    Screen Capture, Kijiji

    “Room to share at $ 1 for international student gay in Montreal. […] I am an older man seeking a younger companion. “–Ad for a room to rent on Craigslist

    Offers that are illegal, according to lawyers

    Offer a rent free or a low price in exchange of sexual favours seems to be a new phenomenon in the big cities in quebec, according to lawyers. Those to whom we spoke believe that these proposals are illegal.

    “People have imagination. I’ve never seen that in my practice or in the jurisprudence. [ … ] but we no longer speak of a right of lease, but a right of occupancy here. Is it that these services are legal ? I am not certain, ” said Melanie Chaperone, lawyer, law rental in Montreal. It mentions that these publications go beyond the right to be able to rent or occupy a room.

    Not always easy

    For Luc Simard, criminal lawyer, these ads also seem to be illegal.

    “By proving that they are published in order to buy sexual services in exchange for housing, which is not always simple to do so, the authors of these offers may be convicted of criminal acts “, he says.

    According to him, if these small ads are created for the purpose of the purchase of sexual services against a rent, the sites that publish these offers could be held responsible for assisting the commission of an offence.


    The Commission of human rights and droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) is said to be very concerned that such ads can be broadcast.

    “[These offerings], may lead to sexual exploitation and infringe on the rights of persons in situation of vulnerability, reminiscent of the CDPDJ. Publications such as these may raise issues relating to the difficulties that the lack of adequate housing, sufficient, and affordable can pose. “

    The Régie du logement has, meanwhile, refused to comment on this question.

    For its part, the Montreal police indicated that they never received complaints about issues like this one. It states that if a complaint were made, it would be processed on-the-field.

    What the law says

    • The purchase of sexual services is a criminal act in Canada since December 6, 2014.
    • A person making this type of purchase to an adult could be sentenced to pay a fine of at least $ 500, and be liable to a penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment.