A resident of Australia wants to have sex with a dog legally : In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

Resident of Australia, under the fine last summer for having sex with his dog, wants to have sex with your pet legally. This man wants to court to prove their right to sex with animals.


Darren Lee Jolly of Brisbane, Australia, has filed an appeal against the court’s decision on the penalty for improper maintenance of the animal. Although the first charge was in bestiality. As evidence to the court was provided with photo and video materials with the pleasures of a man with a dog. The footage, in particular, was depicted the process of “cleaning” the genitals of the dog the Aussie after Masturbation and massage of the anus by the tongue of the pet.

The court, after watching “dirt” not only recovered from the resident of Brisbane penalty and issued a ban on keeping dogs for two years. Convicted as such does not consider himself, he is convinced didn’t do anything wrong and harm your pet didn’t cause. In this case, the final hearing will be held in January.