A resident of China to save your child sells breast milk : In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

The inhabitant of China gave birth to twins, but one of them has serious health problems. To save your infant’s life, the girl sells breast milk.


24-year-old girl, a resident of Shenzhen, was forced for the health of his newborn daughter to take to the streets and sell breast milk. She, along with her husband, standing on the sidewalk with a table, on which was written: “Sell breast milk for the sake of his daughter. 10 yuan per minute” and a photograph of the baby. It turned out that after giving birth to twins one girl doctors discovered meningitis and septic shock. To cure the child needs a lot of money to pay the bills in the hospital, where the young couple had no. However, they do not despair and do everything possible to save his child.

The local hospital is also fighting for the salvation of the child and helps young parents to raise money to pay for the treatment.