A resident of Ottawa is looking for “her guardian angel”

News 4 February, 2018
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    Sunday, February 4, 2018 08:29

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 08:33

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    OTTAWA | A seventy-year-old of Ottawa hopes to find his benefactor, that he has avoided a lot of trouble in paying him the taxi while she was lost in a snow storm, last week.

    Charlotte McCarthy, age 75, told CTV has been lost, returning to the grocery store. After being told twice that it had mistaken a bus stop, she started to panic. It was then that a man decided to call a taxi so she could go home.

    “When I heard him call the taxi, I told him that I couldn’t afford, said Ms. McCarthy to CTV. He told me : don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

    Ottawa woman seeking ‘guardian angel’ who helped her home during snowstorm https://t.co/1NvEZZTr7o

    — CTV News (@CTVNews) February 3, 2018

    The lady said that the man, a Lebanese man named Aston, and aged about thirty years, paid him a coffee waiting for the taxi, which he subsequently paid.

    She now seeks to find him to thank him.

    “I would like so much to say to him : “I love you, you’re my guardian angel” and give him the biggest hug possible,” added Ms McCarthy.