A resident of the UK in 45 minutes before delivery found out about the pregnancy : In the World : Vladim

News 14 January, 2018

A British citizen found out she was pregnant in 45 minutes before the birth. Before that, she spent the whole day sick stomach.


A resident of the Kingdom is a married woman, but with her husband she is not yet planned children. Couple moving into new home, renovation, also their direct work responsibilities at work, their pace of life can be called mad. One evening the woman he had severe stomachaches.

Within a few hours, she decided to go to the nearest hospital. Local doctors did an ultrasound and said that she started to come. After 45 minutes, the British woman became a mother: a woman gave birth to a healthy boy. He was born not in the hospital, and the usual clinic, but choose the British was not necessary. All went well, professionals-obstetricians and high-quality equipment is not useful. The boy was named Toby. Now the woman thinks of how to explain his absence to the chief.