A resident of the USA lived to be a hundred years thanks to the cheeseburgers

News 23 December, 2017

In the U.S. state of Indiana elderly woman Dorothy Fletcher is going to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. The woman claims that one of the secrets of its longevity is the regular eating of McDonald’s.


According to UAE, the day she eats at fast food restaurants where her favorite foods are chips, soda, and cheeseburgers. Dorothy says that never followed any rules to live up to such an impressive age, and just enjoyed his life. Today, December 23, Dorothy Fletcher is going to celebrate its anniversary in one of the points of fast food, located in Noblesville, where the woman. The proprietor invited her to celebrate his birthday at his restaurant, where he plans to hand her card to a VIP customer.

Fletcher also noted that earlier enjoyed cooking, preparing meals for their children, and now she only makes coffee that washes down chocolate.