A resident of Vladivostok has corrupted child

News 8 December, 2017

A resident of Vladivostok was done to eight-year-old girl indecent assault. And her silent attacker bought candy. However, the girl could not long be silent. In April of this year, she spoke about the rape of his mother.


It turned out that the girl was raped by a friend of her parents. He was the entree to a house in the victim and her family also often come to visit him. The first time he abused a child at home when the girl’s parents came along with her to visit him. Later, he repeatedly repeated violent action, even in the house of a schoolgirl. In silence he offered the girl a variety of sweets, however, continue to remain silent became unbearable, and the child admitted to an adult about what was happening to him. Parents reacted immediately and informed the police.

Law enforcement authorities have indicted a pedophile in violation of sexual integrity persons under the age of 14. The court of Pershamajski district of the capital of Primorye sentenced the attacker to 14.5 years in prison.