A romantic dinner is the preferred choice of Quebecers to celebrate Valentine’s day

News 12 February, 2018
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    Monday, February 12, 2018 17:48

    Monday, February 12, 2018 17:48

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    MONTREAL – The romantic dinner will be the most popular option for Quebecers to celebrate Valentine’s day this year, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the Conseil québécois du commerce de detail (CQCD).

    Forty-five percent of respondents indicated that they were going to mark Valentine’s day with a special meal at home, while 36 % are planning a special outing at a restaurant. The other options to highlight the celebration are: a gift (30 %), a greeting card (19 %) and an “activity naughty and confidential” (9 %).

    In total, 46 % of respondents who said they were going to acknowledge Valentine’s day this year.

    On average, those who will be marking this day of love planning to spend 67 $. Those who expect to spend the most are people over 65 years of age with an average amount of expenditure $90.

    The three types of gifts that are most popular with women are the flowers (39 %), chocolate (28 %) and tickets for a performance (25 %). For men, the respondents stated that wine or alcohol in general, chocolate and tickets to a show was the most popular gifts. The three of them have obtained a score of 22 %.

    The echo sounder, the firm, The Observer, argues that its survey reveals the trends, “because, although the parties return year after year, the consumer, to him, is changing”.

    So this year, while 39 % of respondents said that they find their inspiration mostly on the internet web sites, “only one in five expects to make purchases.” “In order to obtain the gift desired by the beloved, Quebecers will buy it in the shopping malls (31 %), specifies the echo sounder. Otherwise, Quebecers plan to purchase their gifts in a store close to their home or place of work (26 %), department stores (17 %) and/or a pharmacy (17 %).”

    The survey was conducted via the internet from a community of users randomly recruited from 10 000 consumers. In total, 1038 people participated in the survey between 16 and 21 January.