A round-the-world at a bargain price

News 23 December, 2017
  • Photo By Prisca Benoit
    Sandra Desjardins, 35, and Jean-Charles Goulet, 40 years old, have decided to leave their daily grind to explore the world. They are documenting their journey on a blog bearing their names.

    Prisca Benoit

    Friday, 22 December 2017 22:53

    Friday, 22 December 2017 23:04

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    Not need to be a millionaire to circumnavigate the world. A couple of Blainville is about to fly out for 14 months with a budget of only 30 000 $.

    For the past two years, Sandra Desjardins, and Jean-Charles Goulet plan, the dream of their life. On 5 January, they leave their bungalow for a visit to the five continents.

    “People think that it takes a big salary to do what we’re doing, yet, it is far to be rich,” says the 35 year old woman.

    To achieve this feat, Mr. Goulet took advantage of a program of leave is deferred as a police officer in Laval. For two years, he has lived with only 66 % of his salary of about $ 80,000 per year. His wife had to leave her job as a nurse, she was earning nearly $ 60,000 per year.

    Youth hostels

    “Before that, I managed to put all of my credit card to zero, says Ms. Desjardins. Immediately after, I saw a difference. I would save on a lot of small things, such as coffee for 5 $ in the morning or the new mascara unnecessary. “

    The couple will be attending the major hotels and restaurants luxurious. He prefers the youth hostels and rentals, Airbnb, even not knowing where to sleep that night.

    “We really enjoy the idea, it is out of our comfort zone,” continues the 40 year old man. We want to be completely disoriented. “

    For their first stop in Hawaii, the duo has found plane tickets for only 400 $. There, they rented a van that will also serve as home with Turo, a site of car rental similar to Airbnb, $ 60 for the day.

    Live the unknown

    This is the only segment of their trip which is booked. All the rest is left to the unknown.

    “We had 36 countries in our itinerary, but we think that we are going to meet only 70 % “, according to the police officer.

    The couple intends to adapt its way of traveling, depending on the country you are visiting. For example, in Japan, he knows that he will move in the hitch-hikers.

    “It is very rude to leave someone on the side of the road there, then it is almost guaranteed to make us take all away “, laughs Mr. Goulet.

    Their home in Blainville will be rented furnished during their absence. As for the cars, they intend to sell before the big departure.

    Several have criticized their financial calculation, saying that, as they will not have to pay, they would lose much more than 30 000 $ that they have planned to spend.

    “We think rather that with the cost of living here, that we would have returned more expensive than $ 30,000 to spend a year in Canada,” says Ms. Desjardins. Some of the destinations they visit are so affordable that you can eat a meal for only 30 cents, ” adds her husband.

    The destinations of the two globe-trotters