A sadistic sexual in jail for a long time

News 17 July, 2017
  • Claudia Berthiaume

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:39

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:39

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    A sadistic sexual sentenced to 16 years in prison is considered so dangerous that the prison authorities recommended he remain behind bars until the last day of his sentence.

    Mario Chayer has been subjected to the worst abuse of nine people from his entourage.

    From 1978 to 2004, the man, now 59-year-old was beaten, raped, and tortured women and children to satisfy his desires.

    To chase a boy in an all-terrain vehicle and ride him voluntarily on one leg, forcing a girl to give him a blowjob in the martyrisant, burn a woman’s breasts on a hot bulb, forcing a mother and her daughter to be his sex slaves : it is only a handful of examples of crimes that man a native of the Mauricie has committed.

    This is not to mention a plot to kill his ex-spouse, threats of death to the place of police officers and Crown prosecutors, and two escape attempts at the beginning of his period of incarceration.

    High risk

    Behind bars for 12 years, Chayer still denies having a problem that is sexual, based on what his parole officer (PO) said on Monday, during a hearing of the parole Board of Canada (PBC).

    Mario Chayer should normally be released at two-thirds of his sentence, as the majority of prisoners, but his case management team at the penitentiary, La Macaza, Laurentians, is not conducive to this.

    For correctional services, the fifty-year-old still represents an unacceptable risk to society and it should remain in detention until the end of his sentence in 2022. His risk of violent re-offending is assessed to be high.

    “Her progress is embryonic and inadequate, [so that he may benefit from a conditional release],” said CLA, while qualifying Chayer manipulator accepting hard criticism.

    “No action can protect the public against the risk that he would represent the community,” said the employee of correctional services.


    Questioned by commissioners Michel Lalonde and Gilles Roussel Monday, the inmate has been found to have been abused by his parents during his childhood.

    “It was like that with us, I thought it was okay. […] I thought of myself as any permit, ” said Chayer.

    Thus it would have repeated what he experienced, adding, ” punishment sex “.

    “If someone had talked about it before, I would have done less damage,” he said to justify his long period of crime.

    Although she concedes that Mario Chayer is not ” case friendly “, his counsel is of the opinion that the board has no indication that his client récidiverait if it was released.

    “To justify a detention, we repeat what he has done, but it does not bring anything new [that would occur] during his time in prison “, pleaded Me Marianne Benoit on Monday. The commissioners have made the decision.