A school director launched his coffee

News 4 February, 2018
  • Photo special collaboration, David Riendeau
    Martine Desbiens has quit her job as the director of a school to run a café in Sainte-Julie.

    David Riendeau

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 01:00

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 01:00

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    Trade office of the director of a school for coffee makers espresso : a risky bet that has raised Martine Desbiens. At the turn of the fifties, she left a well-paid job in the public service to open a coffee shop. And she don’t regret anything.

    Farewell to the big salary, the seven weeks of vacation and the pension fund, Martine Desbiens aspired to change. Met her at the café Sainte-Julie, owned by a franchisee with his son, Charles Carrier, the lady of 54 years of age, seems happy about her choice.

    Give the meaning

    “This was not a question of money, but to give a meaning to what I do every day. For me, happiness is feeling useful. This coffee has become my second home. “

    After having worked 27 years in education, first as a teacher in private, and then as director to the public, Martine Desbiens felt that it paddled against the current. After years of playing the Don Quixote, she must stop for a burnout.

    “I stayed on the floor for six months,” she says over coffee at the milk. The only idea of going back to work thrilled me. “

    “Why not me ? “

    His professional career will take a turn unexpected for the day when she saw an announcement of the Second Cup. The ontario-based company was looking for a new owner to open a franchise in Sainte-Julie.

    “Why not me ? If I was able to administer an annual budget of$ 3 Million, I could manage a coffee. “It was his idea to her son, who had recently been trained in business management and marketing.

    “The idea seemed good and we decided to go into business together. “

    Able to rely on the support of his spouse, the former director has withdrawn his pension fund to invest in trade, inaugurated in 2015.

    From the first weeks, the clients are waiting for you.

    A few months later, it is the turn of the Second Cup of the approach. The chain wants to resume a branch in the west of the island struggling for some time. They seize the opportunity.

    “Charles has the hump on the marketing, and I have the sense of organization. We got full though. “

    It has retained its old reflexes of school mistress.


    “I treat my employees as my students. Sometimes, I detect minor injuries and I adapt my interventions according to their personality, shows-t-it. When the trust is there, I delegated the administrative tasks. It is important to value them. “

    For orders of two coffees, the lady feels today that it enjoys a latitude of action that it has long been lacking.

    “A career change has been beneficial for me. The money is not flowing freely, but the satisfaction I get from the adventure is worth three times my former salary. “