A sports journalist from RDS defends his reputation in court

News 26 March, 2018
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    Stéphane Leroux covers the League the Quebec major junior hockey for the RDS network since the beginning of his career, at the beginning of the 1990s.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Monday, 26 march 2018 23:15

    Monday, 26 march 2018 23:15

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    Vowing to live “hell” because of a posting on Facebook calling it “predatory” sexual, the sports editor of RDS’s Stéphane Leroux goes on to libel the author of the message in him claiming more than 275 000 $, has learned of The Journal.

    “[Stephane Leroux] has never assaulted, abused, or in whatever way, is incorrect or improper, or during periods of celibacy, or during the period of his marriage, with some women [sic] whatsoever, ” says the statement of claim filed in superior Court last march 16, in which The Journal has obtained a copy.

    The dispute dates back to February 26, when the former radio host Gary Daigneault has published on Facebook a long message in which he called the journalist of “predator” hockey League the Quebec major junior (QMJHL).

    He claimed to have obtained the testimonies of five women alleging to have been victims of gestures inappropriate on the part of Mr. Leroux, ” which today would be qualified as sexual misconduct “, one can read in the lawsuit.

    Mr. Daigneault adds that ” two of these victims were underage at the time of the facts “.

    According to the lawsuit, it is a question of” false accusations, degrading, and completely defamatory “.

    Punitive damages

    Despite a formal notice, Gary Daigneault has not stopped there. He multiplied the publications against Mr. Leroux. He has even created two pages on Facebook “to harm [his] reputation,” according to what we read in the query.

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    Gary Daigneault
    Sued for defamation

    Stéphane Leroux is a journalist specializing in the coverage of the QMJHL. In addition to the RDS network, you can hear it on the radio 98.5 FM, a station of Cogeco.

    He asked Mr. Daigneault the sum of $ 5,000 per publication Facebook and 2500 $ by additional comment, is 177 $ 500 date of 14 march.

    It also requests $ 50,000 in punitive damages and $ 50,000 in moral damages, for a total of 277 500 $, “everything is perfect […] for each new publication and each new comment,” it is written.

    In the query, Stéphane Leroux said to live a “hell” since the publication of Gary Daigneault and a ” major stress “, in addition to having the feeling of’ being judged then that it did absolutely nothing.”

    “The false allegations have a serious impact on the level of professional credibility [Stephane Leroux] “, we read.

    Stéphane Langdeau affected

    It also requires that Gary Daigneault posts a message of withdrawal on the social network and it removes the two pages created.

    The firm of lawyers engaged by Stéphane Leroux said yesterday in the Newspaper to have “no comment” to make.

    In addition, the host of the show Hall, in the RDS, Stéphane Langdeau, found himself in the cross fire of this altercation.

    Photo Facebook

    Stéphane Langdeau
    Ex-moderator of The Antechamber

    After the publication of his status in which he denounces Stéphane Leroux, Gary Daigneault has published other messages designating them under his initials, ” S. L. “

    According to our information, many have mistakenly believed that it was Stéphane Langdeau.

    He has also received a few messages about it and was quick to contact Gary Daigneault for him to share his displeasure. After an exchange of heated on the phone, the former radio host has filed a complaint with the Sûreté du Québec to be ” felt ultra threatened “.

    Mr. Langdeau faces no charges before the courts, but he resigned from the sports channel a little over a week after being held out of the waves.