A streetcar named delirium…

News 17 December, 2017
  • Michel Hébert

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 11:06

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 11:54

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    The ordinary citizen observes with displeasure and disbelief at the professional politicians align projects large financial returns with ease rather fishy.

    Metropolis of crime and of the genius doubtful, Montreal lengthens billion, and the orange cones since a long time while in Quebec city, the municipal leagues of improvisation transforms the public debate in the comedy-drama.

    Bus, bridge, tramway, bridge, bus, tram: Pass Go and borrow fifteen billion!

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    Nothing seems to be too good or too big to make up the will flickering ventriloquists. Commedia dell’arte sub-zero! While we bury the suburbs in the snow, elves, and leprechauns are having fun before the time…

    – That is what you want for Christmas?

    – A bridge!

    – And you?

    – Buses! No, a tram! No, the bus! Ah! and then fuck: a tram!

    – It was not too expensive?

    – No it isn’t…

    In the capital, the debate on the congestion lasts for years. Because we don’t really know what we want. It depends on the day, everything that was said on the radio, or what Philippe Couillard tells the phone…

    But why the hell can’t we dream, ask the fine minds? Are we not capable of seeing great?

    Either! Dream! Isn’t this what we do better? Dream without counting, waiting for a hockey club, with both feet on his decoder Illico…

    Touched by grace, the mayor Labeaume, him, sees, more and more large. Beyond its own horizon. And, according to a particular cycle, it is believed now with the light rail… enough To give the disease to the zombies of the MTQ and the nausea to the winkles of public Works…

    After years of promotion of the super bus, but a tram is needed as the solution to traffic jams. No, you’re not dreaming! So goes the life in la Belle province. And what was unrealistic in the mouth of Anne Guérette in October is a wise choice, and “structuring” in December.

    Not need to public consultation, Mr. Labeaume bet on this that he was assigned to the prime minister Couillard. To be, but it is risky, especially in the territory caquiste. Within one year of the elections, should he believe the story of a government spent, the more white that grey-haired.

    The MTQ, in the cabinet or in caucus, it was not put to believe suddenly to a tramway in Quebec city. Not more than a third bridge over the St. Lawrence river. In the suburbs, one does not illusions about the real beneficiaries of such a toy.

    Simon Clark/QMI Agency

    It would be much more reasonable to require of the competent authorities of the corrections to the existing infrastructure. So, for example, that the outputs of the highways do not coincide with the routes of access to the same highways.

    The hunted-croissé automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, vehicles of all kinds, which overlap, can only cause traffic jams… in the middle of the day!

    Not to mention the channels are subtracted to the motif of the bus is often empty and not very frequent. Here, as elsewhere, the masterpieces of inconsistency are easily spotted… And they sometimes take up to twelve years to complete!

    Still, while Montreal pulled the chestnuts out of the fire, the elected officials of the two banks and all the governments did in the show. A verbiage fascinating. We have talked to say nothing, to contradict, to dodge, to please and for nothing at all.

    It has changed course, danced the waltz-hesitation, and lost his time… looking at rust the old bridge.

    Régis Labeaume would have had to darken when the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec has decided to make it rain billions on Montreal.

    The Bass drum will build his REM, an electrical Network metropolitan deployed to the west of Montreal. In the east, we dream of humility, a pink line of an old metro blue-and-white…

    For the capital, the potential political gain was considerable: Montreal, Turcot, the subway, the train, the anglos, Quebec, a bridge that rust, a bridge that mouth, three buses, officials of strain… The capital would have been able to demand a treatment worthy of his rank…

    But the administration Labeaume has been subdued, polished like a bourgeois, resigned as a village, before the initiative of the Bass drum. Such a submission is a boon for governments.

    And now, we laugh yellow before enrage : the resurrection of the tram at the eleventh hour of yet another liberal government, it is also credible that the immaculate conception…

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    Personally, I don’t believe it for a second. To the magic train as fertility sudden. Ditto for the third bridge to Lévis-the-ears. It is almost an insult to the intelligence of such baloney. It is mainly a party for the ingenious…

    A tram ride, the beautiful case! We are going to dig up the old rails, to resume where we had left one hundred years ago? I have sore abs!

    Already they are involved with the construction of a police station! So, stop please, we can do no more! It turns to the festival of the hub greased!

    If the officials don’t know what to make of their brains, then here could occupy two or three days : there is a lamppost right in front of me who keeps leaning on a 2 x 4 from September 2016…

    Cynicism affects my reflexes. When I want to see big, I start by looking outside… Before being buried in the snow.