A student expelled from all schools of a school board

News 19 March, 2018
  • Marie-Pierre Beaubien

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 18:18

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 18:21

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    The Commission scolaire de KamouraskaRivière-du-Loup has expelled a student from all secondary schools in its territory. However, a child resident in Québec shall attend school until the age of 16 years.

    VAT News has obtained a copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Commissioners of February 13. There we learn that this is the direction of the high School of Riviere-du-Loup, which has made the request for expulsion. The reasons mentioned are the trade of prescription drugs, possession of psychotropic substances for the purpose of trafficking and breach of an agreement to reinstatement.

    You can also read that the board of commissioners has given to the pupil and his parents the opportunity to be heard. He has extensively analyzed the situation, the arguments of the student and parents, the student’s rights and the obligations of the commission scolaire de Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup.

    After analysis, the board of commissioners has expelled the student from all secondary schools of the school Board. A notification of this expulsion should be made with the Director of youth protection. We have contacted the management of the school Board. She refused to comment on the case.

    A child must attend school until 16 years of age

    The act on public education provides that :

    “Any child who is resident in Québec shall attend school from the first day of the school calendar of the school year following the one in which he has attained the age of 6 years until the last day of the school calendar of the school year during which he reaches the age of 16 years or at the end of which he obtains a diploma awarded by the minister, whichever comes first”.

    Parents must take the necessary steps to ensure that their child fulfils his obligation of school attendance. When the student is expelled by the school Board, there are different options such as, home school, private school or another school board.