A suspect arrested after a series of assaults

News 9 March, 2018
  • Andrew Meade/ Ottawa Sun/ QMI Agency

    QMI agency

    Friday, 9 march, 2018 04:41

    Friday, 9 march, 2018 04:41

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    OTTAWA – A 26 year old male suspected to be the author of a series of assaults in the Rideau street, Ottawa, was arrested by the police.

    Mustafa Khoshnaw, a native of Ottawa, was arrested Tuesday by the criminal investigations Unit of the central division of the Ottawa police Service.

    He appeared the next day in front of the courts and has been remanded in custody until 19 march. He faces five counts of assault.

    In the afternoon of 6 march, the suspect allegedly physically assaulted five people who were walking on the sidewalk, Rideau street near the Rideau Centre.

    The Ottawa police believe that there could be other victims. Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact police at 613 236-1222, extension 5166.