A teen killed by a bullet that fell from the sky

News 13 July, 2017
  • Photo Maxime DELAND / QMI Agency

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    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 07:20

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 07:25

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    HAMMOND | A teenager of 13 years has died of his injuries at the end of the week after he was hit by a stray bullet that would be “fallen from heaven”.

    Noah Inman was playing basketball with his friends on the 1st of July to the evening when he suddenly collapsed.

    The witnesses have immediately thought of a malaise or a crisis of epilepsy and have contacted the emergency services.

    This is a once in the hospital that the family of the young boy learned that he had been the victim of a stray bullet that fell from the sky and would have hit him in the head, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    The police of Hammond, Indiana, where the tragedy took place, and immediately opened an investigation.

    The police think a person in the vicinity would have fired into the air to celebrate the national holiday in the us and that Noah would have been hit by that stray bullet.

    The teenager, who had led to the children’s hospital of Chicago has finally succumbed to his injuries on Saturday.

    “I don’t understand what goes through the minds of the people who are firing in the air? Do they think that the ball disappears into the atmosphere?”, took the mayor of Hammond, and close to the family of Noah, Tom McDermott, Jr.

    “This ball can come from anywhere. It’s like being struck by lightning! This is a terrible tragedy and I hope that we can find the culprit.”