A terrible letter from Madonna unveiled, she attacks violently Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


A letter auctioned this week testifies to the feeling of insecurity that gnawed Madonna in the early 90s, when she was already famous and recognized… But, obviously jealous, she is shamelessly two other stars of the time : Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone.

It is safe, he will pull out for thousands of dollars. The u.s. site gottahaverockandroll.com just put on sale an unpublished manuscript signed by the hand of Madonna. But it is not a question of any text. This letter is a very intimate, written in the early 90s, would have had to remain a secret.


In it, the singer, now mum in full bloom, speaks to her lover of the time, the actor John Enos, whom she fondly called ” J “. Never imagining certainly not that his words will one day be made public, the young Madonna, at the age of thirty years, pours his personal failures. It seems to be a young woman in lack of confidence. She compared herself to Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone, these ” paragons of virtue “, barely hiding the jealousy eating away at her. On the other hand, his ego, to him, seemed to already oversized…


It is so irritating to read that Whitney Houston was the music career I dream of having and that Sharon Stone had the film career that I will never have. I’m not saying that I would like to be these women, rather die , “she wrote. And to add that she considers both of these stars planetary as a horribly poor .


Everything I do is so original and so unique, and I give so much of myself, as for my book, and my disk… I don’t understand why it doesn’t bring me that suffering and the money, says the rising star to be his lover. It is probably in reference to his photography book Sex, published in 1992, at the same time that her album Erotica, which became a cult since. Their exit had caused a real scandal, and the public’s misunderstanding of, plunging the singer into a bitter depression. She ends her letter with : I have the impression that I have neither career nor family, nor anything permanent or tangible. Since then, his dedication, his creativity and his determination have paid off, to make her the queen of pop. For 58 years, she continues to amaze his fans around the world. This letter, deliciously vintage, should be sold between 3000 and 5000 dollars.


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