A thief pregnant going to jail

News 27 January, 2018
  • Photo taken from Facebook
    Coryne Gauvin Landry, thief

    Amélie St-Yves

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 19:24

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 19:24

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    THREE-RIVERS | A patient care attendant pregnant who was caught stealing seniors in front of a hidden camera by her employer has been sentenced to five months in prison.

    Money, bank cards and jewellery were gone suddenly in may 2016 in a seniors ‘ residence in Trois-Rivières.

    Managers have suspected Coryne Gauvin Landry, aged 26 years, after having compared the times when the thefts are alleged to have occurred, and employee schedules.

    They have set a trap by leaving, dragging a $ 20 bill in a room. They have also installed a hidden camera to see if it would fly. The clerk was caught hand in the bag.


    She was dismissed and his first complaint to the police has been filed.

    During the investigation, his ex-employers have alerted the police when they saw on Facebook that she had returned to work in another residence.

    Gauvin Landry had on her credit cards that do not belong to it when she was arrested, more than a dozen tablets of methamphetamine.

    The total value of the theft is valued at about $ 4,000, including $ 2,000 in jewelry, according to Me Martine Tessier of the Crown.

    Jewellery stolen, including alliances, have also been found in Gauvin Landry. She has made a dozen victims in two months and has used the stolen cards to withdraw money or make false deposits.

    The accused pleaded guilty to 15 counts of theft, fraud and drug possession.


    Justice Jacques Trudel pointed out that it is intolerable that we take to the elders.

    “Whether it be children, people with illnesses, disabilities, or older persons, the message must be that we cannot allow things like this, given the vulnerability of the victims “, he said to the thief, who is pregnant recently.

    “We constantly hear of the difficulties of our health system, to treat and care for people. The attendants are persons whose role is very important. We constantly hear about the lack of people that may occupy these functions here, ” said the judge.