A ticket for a tow phantom

News 9 February, 2018
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Biron
    Lise and Claude Caron have received a parking ticket of $ 128 from the City of Montreal for a tow performed during an operation of snow removal in the borough of Lachine, but they have never found this place. At the time of the”offence”, Ms. Caron was in the streets of Drummondville.

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Friday, 9 February 2018 10:21

    Friday, 9 February 2018 10:21

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    Lise and Claude Caron, Drummondville, do not understand why they have received a ticket for a tow to Montreal in December, while their truck was never found in the metropolis.

    Lise Caron’s displeasure is most ardent, since she received a ticket of $ 128 made to the snow removal business that she and her husband Claude manage for several years. The fine relates to the towing of a vehicle from the company that would have been carried out on 15 December in the morning, during an operation of snow removal in the borough of Lachine, in Montreal.

    The problem is that the truck in question was travelling at the same time in the snowy streets of Drummondville, more than 100 km.

    “It’s funny, but we was in the snow removal on these days. […] I’ve been in the pick-up part of the day in Drummondville, I’ve always had that with me”, tells the story of the woman who does not understand how such a situation can occur.

    Photo Pierre-Paul Biron

    No solution

    As the number plate listed on the ticket is beautiful and well that of the Dodge Ram 2015 of the enterprise, the municipal court of Montreal has told Mrs. Caron that it was his responsibility to prove his point.

    In other words, despite the inconsistency of the situation, all she can do is show up in court to contest the offence. An approach that could cost him still more expensive than the ticket itself.

    “These are not the $ 128 as that bother me, it’s the principle. I was not there! Is what I’m going to miss a day of work, Drummondville-Montreal round-trip, pay for gas, parking, and me to type their orange cones for that? This is totally stupid”, laments the woman who, after having made several requests, has not received a satisfactory answer.

    Photo Pierre-Paul Biron

    The City is silent

    She addressed the Service of police of the City of Montreal, responsible for the snow removal of the City and the municipal court, but no one has been able to explain the singular situation. In fact, all that he has said is that we “never saw it”.

    “They don’t even want to tell me if the vehicle has been towed to the location of the mine has been recovered since. They must have this information! And here, one wonders if there are not two vehicles with the same plate that circulate and if this is the kind of story we will not yet”, is concerned about the lady who says “never go to Montreal”.

    The City of Montreal still had no explanation to provide, to the Journal, our request for an interview since there was no reply since Tuesday. For its part, Ms. Caron has provided receipts of service station and restaurant, which prove that she was alive and well in the region of Drummondville, on the morning of 15 December last.

    An employee of the company of the couple also confirmed to the Newspaper that the Carons were not in Montreal. “We came out of forty continuous hours of snow removal, without sleep,” says Jonathan Boucher-Dumont.