A tower of 26 floors concerned residents

News 17 July, 2017
  • Photo Catherine Montambeault
    The permit for the tower of 26 floors, which will house a residence for the elderly was granted in December, before the height of buildings is limited to 15 storeys, in march 2017, which is in contrast with the house of Huguette Gagné-Leclair-to-side.

    Camille Garnier

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:27

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:27

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    Of the inhabitants of the district of Chomedey in Laval, have expressed their anger on Monday, mayor Marc Demers, about the construction of a tower of 26 floors in front of them.

    The atmosphere was electric on Monday night at the city hall of Laval, where over a hundred local residents came to question the mayor Demers and experts in urban planning of the City during an information meeting devoted to this construction project located on boulevard Lévesque Ouest.

    “This tour is going to immerse myself in shadow, and me block the view, exclaimed Marianne Chantelois, a resident of the condominium complex to The Sea, located just next to the future tower. Today I have a view to 231 degrees, when this thing will be built, I would have more than 51 degrees. “

    Decline in value

    Marianne Chantelois finds himself in a situation which reminds one of Huguette Gagné-Leclair, a riparian buffer adjacent to the construction site in which The Newspaper published the testimony on Saturday.

    Ms Chantelois has purchased her condo 10 years ago, hoping to enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. She regrets now the promiscuity that dictate the future tour. Like many, she is also afraid to see the lower the value of its housing.

    “A real estate agent told me recently that the value of the condominium would be reduced from 400 000 to $ 350,000, said Monday Ms. Chantelois. It is precisely the sum that I come to invest in the renovation of my bathroom and it is a big loss for me. “

    Several residents have questioned the mayor and his team on the nature of the project. Many are those who doubt that the developer behind this project, Quadrax & Associates really have the intention to build a residence for the elderly.

    “An employee of their sales office explained to me that the housing would be open to all,” says Diane Lamalice, also a resident of the complex to The Sea. It is a project of blur who feels the scheme as at the time of the former mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, you don’t want. “

    The team of mayor Marc Demers has answered that the permits filed in December 2016 was a residence for the elderly.

    The bound hands of the mayor

    Faced with the anger of the local residents and arrested several times, the mayor Demers said that he would prefer that the project does not occur, but that it had no legal basis to oppose it.

    Photo Ben Pelosse

    Marc Demers, Mayor of Laval


    “Waiting for the future pattern of development, the City has put in place in march 2017 an interim control by-law that limits the height of buildings to 15 storeys for this area, recalls Marc Demers. But it does not apply to this project, because the permit application was filed prior to December 2016. “