A trip to hell with badge number 728

News 19 July, 2017
  • Photo Hugo Duchaine
    The ex-police Stéfanie Trudeau raised eyebrows and even smiled for that the complainant told them that she would be insulted, threatened, and wounded on board his autopatrouille in 2012, during an arrest for which she is accused of ethics.

    Hugo Duchaine

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:30

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:30

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    A Montrealer said he was still traumatized by his trip to horror in the autopatrouille of the ex-police Stéfanie Trudeau, aka badge number 728, during which he would have been injured, insulted and threatened to be thrown in jail.

    Julian Menezes testified Wednesday before the police ethics Committee.

    Photo Hugo Duchaine

    Julian Menezes


    “You’re a little bitch, you’re gonna get fucked in prison “, he would have launched Stéfanie Trudeau on the night of may 20, 2012, while she was threatening to put behind bars, because he refused to identify himself.

    The ex-police officer, who was present at the hearing, has sketched out a smile when the complainant narrated this memory.

    This last is the subject of a complaint to have held the offensive comments based on ethnicity, to have used excessive force and have illegally detained Mr. Menezes, five years ago.

    Ms. Trudeau, who retired from 2015, had pleaded guilty last year in the same folder of professional conduct, are called “exhausted” and having “more confidence in the system” of justice. But eventually she withdrew her plea and elected to defend.

    “Fucking Indian “

    During her testimony, complainant recounted how the ex-police was doing it on purpose to accelerate and brake abruptly, while he was handcuffed in the back seat of his autopatrouille, so that his face hits several times to the window pane of plexiglas that separated it from the officer at the front.

    Stéfanie Trudeau, who would have said that they wanted to give him a lesson, would also have a treaty of ” fucking Indian “.

    The accused kept the raised eyebrows during nearly all of the testimony of Mr. Menezes. She also had the eyes riveted on him, the latter complaining the same to the judge that he felt intimidated.

    The arrest muscled Julian Menezes occurred when he was returning from a wedding with his wife and a friend. Once unloaded from a taxi on the Plateau Mont-Royal, they saw a cyclist interrogated by two police officers.

    He seemed “frightened” and Julian Menezes and his two female companions have wanted him to serve as controls.

    The cyclist received a ticket because his bike had no headlight at the front, but according to Mr Menezes, the ex-police allegedly told him: “Hold ! You, and your red square “, by delivering the notice of infraction.

    After a few exchanges, Stéfanie Trudeau would have then grabbed Mr Menezes would have been thrown to the ground and handcuffed with his fellow police officer. It is then that they took him in the car.

    The complainant had no identification on him, but he would have told the police that he did give them his name and address as if they were telling him why they stopped.

    The police would then let him go with a ticket in a parking lot miles away from home, so he had no money. But the fact, that he challenged, was finally abandoned.

    The complaint also concerns the police officer Constantinos Samaras, but the folder has been split.

    The cross-examination of Mr Menezes should continue on Thursday, and three other witnesses must also be heard.