A UK resident has become addicted to the orgasms In the World : Vladim

News 26 December, 2017

An elderly resident in the UK attempt to cure inflammation of the prostate gland and used a vibrating massager and a potent drug.


Such treatment caused a 63-year-old Briton dependence. The brain of a man accustomed to the constant stimulation of the sensitive tissues and began to mimic these feelings. The man has earned the dependence of orgasms. Later, the Briton received treatment from a psychologist and recovered from such an amazing disease. However, interestingly, the ability to experience frequent orgasms he remained even after treatment.

Massagers for prostate treatment are often used in medical practice, and as they note – this has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of patients. No one could not think that this could cause such an addictive brain.