A victim of his name, Robert Lee will not comment a game in Charlottesville

Sport 24 August, 2017

Photo: Twitter / @RobertLeePXP
The sports commentator Robert Lee

To want to avoid controversy at all costs, ESPN has created a. The sports channel in the us has removed to Robert Lee in the comments of a football match, because he is the namesake of a former general in the heart of the recent tragic events in Charlottesville.


It is in this same city as the sports commentator had to cover the first game of the season to the University of Virginia, 2 September.


ESPN has not hidden that she had taken the controversial decision “simply because of the coincidence of his name,” with Robert E. Lee died in 1870, a former general southerner who commanded the troops of the States the slave owners during the Civil War.


His name is tragically income in the heart of the american news there is a period of ten days, when supporters of neo-nazis had gathered in Charlottesville to defend his statue threatened to be déboulonnée. The gathering had ended in tragedy after clashes between supporters of the white supremacy and anti-racist activists, including a woman had been killed.


“We have collectively taken the decision with Robert to change the game at the time of the tragic events of Charlottesville, explained the chain in a press release. At that time, everyone thought that it was the right decision. “


But the controversy was quickly mounted and the misadventures of Robert Lee, who will comment on the match between Youngstown State and Pittsburgh, has been the subject of countless taunts on the social networks.


On Twitter, the sports journalist Eric Smith thus wrote : “If this company can not make the difference between a “Robert E Lee” there are more than 150 years ago and the commentator asian “Robert Lee”, we have a serious problem. “


If this society can’t tell the difference from “Robert E Lee” from 150+ years ago to an Asian sportscaster “Robert Lee” we are in trouble

— Eric Smith (@Eric_RaceReview) August 23, 2017