A video of the alleged assault of Cozak against a prison guard filed into evidence

News 20 March, 2018
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    The judge Hélène Bouillon has allowed the media dissemination of the video, but has ordered that the faces of the correctional officers involved are scrambled in order to protected their identity. There has been a debate about this in the court room on Tuesday.

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    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 18:41

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 18:54

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    A video of the events that led Samuel Cozak, one of the co-accused in the trial had an abortion that was reminiscent of the Breaking Bad series, to be accused of assault simple during his detention at Quebec, was presented in evidence by the Crown on Tuesday at his trial.

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    Cozak, 27 years, was released last November of the accusations leveled against him as well as his brother Charles and his father Daniel in the process for manufacture of drug, which was aimed, due to unreasonable delay.

    But Samuel Cozak always face justice for the assault of simple fact, in connection with an event that occurred while he was detained. On December 22, 2015, Cozak is in would be taken to a correctional officer who wished to, supported by colleagues, transfer to another unit of the detention Centre of Quebec.

    Refusal of transfer

    In the video, we see and hear Cozak behind the fence of his cell and refuse several times to be transferred ” with the “protect” “- a wing under protection, saying that he was going to “get killed” if he went there. It says in the sequence, to refuse to collaborate for this reason.

    The video then shows you how, with his legs, Cozak has sent an agent to the soil up to the chest, while one of his colleagues had just opened the door. Cayenne pepper was immediately sprayed in the direction of the inmate.

    Gesture involuntary

    Cozak, who rests his defence on a gesture involuntarily committed in a state of legitimate defence, has hammered out Tuesday by the voice of his lawyer, Me Jean-Roch Parent, that he wished to obtain various documents in the course of his trial, including notes of correctional officers.

    It maintains, in particular, have been the victim of retaliation because he had filed several complaints to the detention facility.

    It is “to demonstrate the full range of interventions that have taken place with Mr. Cozak. What it invokes, it is seen that he filed several complaints with respect to procedures for the establishment of detention, he was subjected to retaliation from the correctional officers,” said his lawyer.

    This request for disclosure has stretched the debates all day on Tuesday.

    Also recall that the Cozak, following their trial had an abortion, continue the public ministry and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to$22.5 Million.