A violent fire ravaged a building of condos in construction

News 14 December, 2017
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    Thursday, 14 December, 2017 16:12

    Thursday, 14 December, 2017 16:12

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    A building to condominiums is under construction on the rue Bossuet, in the area of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal, has been completely ravaged by the flames on Thursday in the late afternoon.

    #SPVM assistance @MTL_SIM for the smooth flow of traffic as a result of fire. Avoid the area. Hochelaga street and Av Pierre-De Coubertin closed between the streets Cadillac and Dickson. #MtlCircul ^RM

    — Police Montréal (@SPVM) December 14, 2017

    Photo Facebook Alexander Thérrien


    As it was a building under construction, the flame spread rapidly in the structure. It could even be seen from the South Shore of Montreal before the arrival of sappers.

    Video captured by Alexander Thérrien


    The building in flame is located near the Cadillac metro station.




    The fire caused a large plume of smoke visible from several kilometers away.

    Photo to Twitter, Olivier Prud’homme


    “I saw the blaze lifted early and I was afraid because there were tanks of propane before, but the firemen responded quickly,” says one of the neighbors of the building Chantal Beauchemin.


    The biting cold which prevails on the metropolis currently complicates the work of firefighters, who moved in large numbers to come to the end of the blaze.

    Fire Bossuet street in Montreal: seems to be a building under construction. A téléspectatrice has sent us this photo taken in the first few moments. pic.twitter.com/LwrJAZoFFQ

    — Maxime Landry (@MaxLandryTVA) December 14, 2017

    #Fire in #Montreal : the plume of smoke seen from the @FondsFTQ on Crémazie est. pic.twitter.com/BBOY1vRBsK

    — Patrick McQuilken (@Pat_McQuilken) December 14, 2017

    The view from the office on fire in east-end Montreal. #fire #jdem pic.twitter.com/Gpsho7sjgk

    — Ariane Labrèche (@ArianeLabreche) December 14, 2017


    The traffic lights around the perimeter of the fire were ineffective, which slowed travel in this area, where several drivers converge to use the pont-tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine.