A woman driver had “no remorse” after being arrested two women

News 14 December, 2017
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    For Chantal Gagnon, drinking and driving, it is zero tolerance. Nearly 20 years after having lost an uncle in those circumstances, she and her mother were injured in a collision involving a vehicle driven by a mother who had a blood alcohol level more than two times higher than the allowable limit.

    While they are still to recover from this event, which occurred on December 9, 2016, Ms. Gagnon and her mother were aware of the judgment rendered against the driver on Wednesday. Melissa Villeneuve, 34, was found guilty of driving under the influence causing injury and was sentenced to 45 weekends in jail.

    Interview in 9 Hours, Chantal Gagnon was told that Mrs. Villeneuve, who lives on the same street that she in Sherbrooke, never apologized.

    “She had no remorse from the beginning to the end, said Ms. Gagnon. I don’t think she is aware of everything that she made us suffer over the past year.”

    Back on the event

    On the evening of 9 December, Chantal Gagnon and his family were returning from the airport. Descending from the shuttle, they have lived a nightmare. The vehicle of Melissa Villeneuve struck the trunk of Ms. Gagnon and struck their vehicle. The lady Sherbrooke was wounded in the leg before seeing his mother to be hurt in turn.

    “I saw my mother being ejected into the air and fall down 10 feet away. I was convinced at that time that my mother was going to die on the spot”, she told.

    Chantal Gagnon has claimed she has had to endure a long rehabilitation. His mother, who at 76 years was very active, cannot do all its activities.

    Ms. Gagnon continues to advocate against drinking and driving. According to it, several services are available to avoid driving after drinking.

    “As soon as you ask yourself the question, “is that I am in a state to drive ?”, the answer is no”, she concluded.