A woman in Israel gave birth to 20 children in 42 years of life

News 22 December, 2017

A woman in Israel recently could have been 20-th of the child. An Israeli woman is only 42 years.


Mother of many children recently received a new joy – gave birth to a healthy baby. The boy turned twentieth. The next delivery was good, though, and lasted several hours.

In the clinic where the woman had children, say that it’s nice to see such a desire to have children. 42-year-old mother every time it is treated in one hospital, and it became almost like a native. Obstetrician said that first sees and hears about a similar case. Earlier it was reported that another Israeli woman gave birth to 19 children, but sources could not confirm the information.

A woman tells a lot of personal information, known only to a few facts. Mother of many children, though gave birth to 20 children, but her health is fine. She has personally said that he feels good. In addition, several of her children already have their children in marriage. So at 42 years Israeli has several grandchildren from different children.

Mother of many children is not very talkative. When it became known that she belongs to a community of ultra-Orthodox – the haredim.