A woman whose husband chopped off his hands, he told me why the village in his car : Crime news : Vladim

News 12 January, 2018

Became known throughout the country Margarita from the city of Serpukhov, which a husband out of jealousy cut off his hands, is now in the hospital recovering. She’s still with horror in heart remembers that terrible day. She explained, why the village to his tormentor in the car.


Even in the worst nightmares I could not have something to present. When people ask me why I got in the car to the man who had threatened me with a knife, I immediately respond that he is the father of my children. I wanted a divorce, but adequate and civilized, believed that my children should be father. The last time he behaved normally. Picked up boys in kindergarten, we talked a lot about clubs and school, “said Margaret.

I should add that this bloody family drama played out in the suburbs on December 11 last year. 26-year-old man took his wife to the forest and began to torture. As a result, he cut off her hands, then he took the woman to the hospital, and turned himself in to law enforcement.
Surgeons managed to do the impossible. They sewed the victim brush, the second hand save and failed. Margaret, however, was not discouraged and tries to live on, a new life.

My doctor says that the arm a hundred percent is still not restored. However, it will be my hand. I can hug her children, to feel them. Now I live together with my mom, her cats are so strange look at me and don’t understand why I don’t iron. I hope that soon I can. When will the swelling on the second hand, will make the prosthesis, “said the woman.