A year of seclusion in the home of an ex-political organizer

News 13 February, 2018
  • Archival Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

    Éric Thibault

    Tuesday, 13 February 2018 14:26

    Tuesday, 13 February 2018 14:26

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    Gilles Cloutier, a former political organizer who has worked with UPAC and testified before the Charbonneau commission, will spend the next 12 months in detention “at home”.

    Guilty of indecent assault and assault on two minor, the man of 77 years old, was given this sentence by the judge Maria Albanese, Tuesday, at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

    The judge considered that the suggestion made last week by prosecutors for the prosecution, Caroline Lafleur and defence, Simon Dolci, is “not contrary to the public interest”, in particular because of the health of “fragile” of the seventy-year-old to avoid jail time.

    It will in particular be assigned to his / her residence 24 hours on 24 during the next ten months. Once his sentence expires, he must meet the conditions of a probation period of two years, including the prohibition to be in the presence of minors unless accompanied by an adult.

    Punishments, chores, and touching

    The two victims were aged between eight and 12 years of age at the time of the crimes, committed there is a period of forty years.

    Cloutier hit by forcing them to do chores around the house. As punishment, he was forced to kneel for hours in the middle of the night.

    One of them was also subjected to inappropriate sexual touching. Cloutier has also coating the genitals with shaving cream and gave him the vacuum cleaner on the chest.

    This is after I saw Cloutier at the tv while he testified to his dirty tricks election before the Charbonneau commission that the two complainants have decided to denounce it to the police, in the spring of 2013.

    Gilles Cloutier had also collaborated in some of the investigations of the UPAC on collusion and corruption in the municipal.

    The ex-employee of the consulting firm Roche was one of the witnesses for the prosecution in the investigation of the system of public contracts-fixing that had been put in place in the City of Boisbriand in favour of certain firms and which has led to the convictions of the former mayors Robert Poirier and Sylvie Berniquez St-Jean.

    – With the collaboration of Christian Plouffe