A young police officer saves a suicidal man on the Champlain bridge

News 12 February, 2018
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    On the day of a young police officer who had just finished his shift has taken a sharp turn for the unusual, on Wednesday evening, when he saved the life of a man who wanted to end it.

    The agent Tommy Fortier of the SPVM, who works at the neighborhood post 13 in the area of LaSalle, taking the Champlain bridge, as it does every day. His crossing, however, didn’t last as usual.

    “I note a vehicle that is a cup of two lanes and who decides to put to the right and activates its four “flashers”. At the time, I tell myself that it is someone that is down, or something like that,” says the young police officer in interview with Jean-François Guérin to the issuance of The 9 Hours.

    In approaching the stopped vehicle, he saw a man get out and head to the right side of his vehicle, on the edge of the bridge.

    “Then, suddenly, I see the guy that climbs on the walls of concrete which separate it from the vacuum, and that looks down, it literally is ready to jump”, tells the agent Fortier.

    Very well understanding that the man wants to commit suicide, it is neither one nor two and rushes to the rescue. He stopped his car, and tries to get out.

    “I had a little difficulty getting out of my vehicle, it is a rental after an accident. Need to remove the key from the ignition to be able to get out. I’m debating a little bit, but eventually, when I managed to get out, I start to run”, explains the young police officer in service for only two years.

    Critical Moment

    He quickly reached the man in distress. The latter, astonished to see the good samaritan, ask him what he’s doing here.

    Tommy Fortier manages to grab it and pull it to the right side of the bridge.

    “The guy is struggling a little bit, because to him, he wants to go back on the wall. He told me that he has nothing more to lose, he has lost everything and asks me to let it go”, explains Mr. Fortier.

    The police officer tries to contain it, and several other citizens arrive in reinforcement.

    The man is calm finally. His sister, during these critical moments, attempting to reach it by Facetime. It presents itself on the scene quickly.

    Two lanes of the bridge are then closed by the emergency services.

    Unexpected Intervention

    Agent Fortier, who must deal on a daily basis with people living in distress, believes that his business has probably helped to intervene, even if it was not in service at this time.

    “It is different to live situations that happen live. As a police officer, we arrived a little after, sometimes, the events are already past.”

    The problem of suicide is in her heart, and he believes that the stigma and fear of being judged prevent those who are suffering to talk about it.

    The suicide in Quebec

    3 suicides per day

    70 attempts per day

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