About 80 firefighters extinguish a fire in a residential building in West London : In the World : Vladim

News 7 February, 2018

At the moment in West London nearly 80 professionals try to put out the fire, resulting in one of the houses. The fire broke out the evening of last Tuesday, but because of the serious nature of the incident, the fire is unable to locate so far.


On the official website of the London fire brigade was published the information that yesterday around 21:45 at the fire station in the British capital received a call about a fire occurred in a house located in the heart of Holland Park. To place an emergency order was sent more than a dozen units of specialized fire fighting equipment with more than 80 professionals. In order to prevent accidents due to possible spread of fire, firefighters were forced to conduct an emergency evacuation of residents of the houses located in the neighborhood.

Information on the causes of fire in the Western part of London, and the number of casualties is not yet disclosed.