About Régis Labeaume go wrong in Mauricie

News 23 August, 2017
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    Louis Cloutier

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017 22:59

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017 23:02

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    THREE-RIVERS | invitation Monday to the thugs by the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, go instead to crack down to Three Rivers the next time have a public outcry in the Mauricie region.

    Mayor Yves Lévesque, who had been in trouble with his counterpart in 2014 on the issue of pension plans municipal pension, would have rather liked to hear his counterpart to denounce the acts of violence, instead of seeking to export.

    “To encourage violence elsewhere, I think that this is not acceptable. What do you want, it is the character and we stop it here”, has decided the mayor Yves Lévesque.

    His colleague Bécancour speaks of “black humor” to describe the words of Régis Labeaume. “I would have liked better to hear I am totally against the car, at home and elsewhere,” argued Jean-Guy Dubois.

    For his part, the mayor of Louiseville has not blamed Régis Labeaume, even though he finds his release “unfortunate”. Yvon Deshaies had already expressed its concern at the violation of borders by asylum seekers. What happened in Quebec city is exactly what he feared. “Our governments have not acted. People go everywhere, and there, it is said there are too many, and there, it reacts, and this is where the baffles begin,” said Mr. Deshaies.

    In Trois-Rivières, the police department relies on a platoon riot control, but only to deal with events of low risk. In the event of overflow and to violence, he would have to use the services of the Sûreté du Québec.